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About Steve Butler RICS Chartered Surveyors   


Surveyors Ripley Riddings Codnor Jacksdale Ironville

Independent RICS Surveyors for Homebuyers Reports and Building Surveys in the Ripley Riddings Codnor Ironville Jacksdale area.

Steve Butler Chartered Surveyor has been surveying and valuing in Ripley Riddings and Codnor for over twenty five years. Steve has lived in Belper and Ripley and is thus familar with the area. Steve qualified as Chartered Surveyor in 1992 and is also a member of the Chartered Institution of Legal Executives. Steve Butler has also passed the Government's Home Inspector Examinations.

We provide a professional, cost effective residential property survey service and try to be as accessible as possible. Our survey reports are written in plain language with minimal caveats. Our clients like our straight forward approach, and that we try to go that little bit further on behalf of the client. Clients are particular welcome to attend the survey so that defects can be discussed on site.

Our Chartered Surveyors are highly experienced in Homebuyers Reports, Building Surveys and House and Residential Property Valuations in Ripley Riddings and Codnor. They also act as Independent Experts preparing reports for use in the County Court regarding boundary disputes, matrimonial matters and poor workmanship.

Our expertise in residential property survey and valuation is recognized by our wide client base of customers who include individuals, large organizations and solicitors in the Ripley Riddings and Codnor area. Our straight forward approach, and that we try to go that little bit further on behalf of the client has lead to a lot of repeat business and referals.

We provide a professional, cost effective surveying service and try to be as accessible as possible. Our survey reports are written in plain language with minimal caveats. 

Our Chartered Surveyors have at least twenty years experience of surveying in the Ripley Riddings and Codnor area and have thus developed a good local knowledge of the area and different types of property

Property matters can be very worrying. You can invariably telephone one of our Chartered Surveyors between 8.00 am and 6.00 pm seven days per week. If you have a problem or don't understand something please feel free to call. You are welcome to site meetings with our Chartered Surveyors.

Our Chartered Surveyors are Registered Home Inspectors and members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) who ensure that our surveyors keep up to date with property matters. The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors who require maintenance of exacting standards including maintaining audited clients accounts, professional indemnity insurance and a formal complaints procedure.

Our surveyors can invariably visit clients in the Ripley Riddings and Codnor area same day or next day, at the office or home.


Ripley Surveyors Property Survey report on an Edwardian terrace house

 On this Ripley Homebuyers Survey we encountered severe structural movement causing a considerable slope on the landing floor. The movement also showed up in the fracturing and dropping of brickwork above window openings. The original slate roof had been recovered with much heavier concrete tiles but there had been no attempt to upgrade the roof structure making it vulnerable to failue in the event of heavy snow.  Poor gutter arrangements put the property at risk of water penetration as it has solid walls which will make it cold and prone to condensation.


Full RICS Structural and Building Surveys in Ripley Jacksdale Ironville Codnor Riddings

If you are you buying a property in Ripley Riddings and Codnor then a pre-purchse Building or Homebuyers Survey may help avoid future expenses.

Our suveyors specialise in surveying and valuing residential property in Ripley Riddings and Codnor offering a rapid turnaround with efficient and competitive service.

A Building Survey will tell you about the condition of the property including the state of the chimneys, roofs, rainwater goods, roof edges, walls, floors, ceilings, partitions, windows and doors. We can tell you whether there is any structural movement or settlement, wet rot, dry rot, woodworm or damp problems. We give you an overview of the services such as the electrical installations, boiler, central heating, hot and cold water.


Ripley Riddings and Codnor  Surveyors Building Surveys: Click for sample report

The Building Survey provides a more detailed picture of a property’s construction and can be carried out on practically all residential properties.

The report is bespoke and tailored to your requests.

It is most suitable when the building is less conventional. This could be because it is very old, it has been built using unusual construction methods, or it is dilapidated. Similarly, it can be very informative if a building has been extensively altered.


Ripley Codnor and Riddings Surveyors Homebuyer Reports: Click for sample report

A standardized report produced by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) to highlight significant problems and matters requirng urgent investigation.

It is designed to flag up major defects and problems that need urgent or significant attention, because such issues will affect the property’s value.

It is the cost effective choice for the majority of property purchasers.

A valuation of the property and estimation of reinstatement cost for insurance purposes is included as standard in both our Building Survey  and Homebuyers Survey reports.

Due to the time taken to measure the property Building Surveys cost considerably more than the Homebuyers Report, however you should bear in mind that they are unlikely to find any serious defects to the property that the Homebuyers Survey and Report will not.

It is considered that the Homebuyers Survey and Report will be suitable for most clients.

All Building Survey and Homebuyers Reports are undertaken by Steve Butler personally ensuring that personalized service to all our clients.


Ripley Surveyors Homebuyers Survey on a 1940.

Our Ripley Chartered Surveyors found blocked air bricks, unvented chimneys, substandard roof structure, poor insulation and substandard electrics at this property.


RICS Valuations including Help to Buy Valuations

Our RICS surveyors undertake residential property valuations for all tyes of purpose such as matrimonial dipsutes, probate and insolvency. We are fully familair with the requirments for Help to Buy Valuations

A residential property survey by or Ripley RICS Chartered Surveyors will tell you about the condition of the house including the state of the roofs, walls, floors, ceilings, partitions, windows and doors. We can tell you whether there is any structural movement or settlement, wet rot, dry rot, woodworm or rising damp. We give you an overview of the services such as the electrical installations, boiler, central heating, hot and cold water.

A Homebuyers Survey Report or Building Survey from our Ripley Chartered Surveyors can help avoid unplanned expenditure within the first year or so of buying a property due to the fact that no survey was commissioned prior to purchase.

House purchasers budgets are usually tight in the first few years of buying a property and these additional expenses are not often costed for.

Ripley Surveyors RICS Building Survey Report on a 1925 Detached House


 Ripley RICS building surveyors report on a 1925 detached house. The chimneys were in poor condition, tiles were slipping, gutters were clogged and broken. The roof face had dished. Additional timbers had been added to strengthen the roof. The property had long standing movement at the head of an opening to a rear bay window. A timber floor had humped slightly.


A cautionary tale about cheap surveys

We recently had to clear up on behalf of a client who had opted for a survey from one of our cheaper surveyor allies.

The surveyor had not bothered to move the remains of a bed in an otherwise empty house to get in to the attic. It took us about 30 seconds.

The roof had a number of snapped rafters as an original slate surface had been replaced with heavier concrete tiles. Expensive!

The surveyors had not opened the drain cover as it was supposed to be corroded in.  Again it took us about 30 seconds.

The drain was of course blocked due to a problem with the channel

The surveyor offered some advice about dampness. The suggestion was completely unnecessary and put everybody in the house at risk of burning to death as the suggestions severely compromised the fire protection of the property. In this case particular important, as it was three stories plus cellar and likely to be in multiple occupation.

We were able to advise the client against that course of action saving potential prosecution/ closure by the Environmental Health Officer.

By doing only half a job and not stopping to think about the content of the report they were naturally able to be much quicker and cheaper. But not so cheap in the long run!


Surveyors Photographs from Homebuyers Building and Structural Surveys in the Ripley area.

Here is how a small problem becomes a big problem when nothing is done about an initially small defect. In this instance a failure of a valley gutter has allowed water to drip into a side porch until it has eventually decayed the rafters and roof plate. The rafters are now hanging from the apex of the roof unsupported at the base and the ceiling has also collapsed. The repair will be expensive whereas the initial leak might have been stopped for a few or tens of pounds.



This air brick is partially obstructed. It should be re-opened fully to ensure that a good flow of air can pass under the suspended timber floors of the property. Suspended timber ground floors if not properly ventilated can be subject to condensation that can casue them to decay. Destructive dry rot likes still air and dampness. Beetles also like damp timber. Paths extensions and conservatories are common obstructions of underfloor vents. Unfortunately once an extension or conservatory is built it iss difficlut to restore the ventilation.


This drainage channel found by our surveyors during a Ripley Homebuyers Survey is blocked. The cause is a 'U' bend that was deliberately designed into older style drainage systems just before they enter the public sewer to prevent sewer gasses and rats entering the property's drainage system. Unfortunately the ‘U’ bend is also good at trapping objects that that enter the system leading to blockages. Above the ‘U’ bend there is usually a hole for rodding the drain which should have a ceramic cap that look something like a tea pot lid. These are usually long lost or deliberately removed so that sewerage can by-pass the U bend as is happening here. If particularly troublesome the ‘U’ bend can replaced with a straight section of pipe although at some expense.



Our Ripley RICS Surveyors were particularly concerned by this door. It is an attic bedroom door in a three storey Victorian house. The door is not able to resist fire to protect the occupier of the attic room if there is a fire and they cannot escape. The bedroom, living room and kitchen doors fronting a potential escape route should also be half hour fire resisting. In the three storey properties any cellar should have a ceiling.




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