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Belper RICS Chartered Surveyors Homebuyers Survey and Report on a 1904 terrace house

 On this Belper Homebuyers Survey we encountered severe structural movement causing a considerable slope on the landing floor. The movement also showed up in the fracturing and dropping of brickwork above window openings. The original slate roof had been recovered with much heavier concrete tiles but there had been no attempt to upgrade the roof structure making it vulnerable to failue in the event of heavy snow. Poor gutter arrangements put the property at risk of water penetration as it has solid walls which will make it cold and prone to condensation. 

 Nottingham surveyors report on a Homebuyers Survey of a Derby Terrace

Terace house constructed about 1900

 The brickwork has dropped above the front bedroom sodier lintel due to past movement of the property. The movement is unlikely to progress and could be rebuilt for cosmetic affect.

The proeperty has a concrete tile roof where as the adjacent property has a slate roof.

There is no evidence that the roof structure has been upgraded to cope with the extra weight of the concrete tiles. The roof covering is some years old and there is no evidence that the structure is particuarly distressed, but it could be vulnerable to failure in the event of heavy snow

There has also been no attempt to upgrade the annex roof strcuture.

Mould growing on the roof strcucture due to condensation. The new roof should have had ventilators palced in the surface to avoid this.

A severe slope of the landing floor due to past movement of the property that is likely to have ceased.

Vegitation in the gutter suggests that it has silted up probably due to a poor fall. The head of the window has also moved due to past structural movement

It is unclear wether a lintel has been installed above the replacement kitchen window. Plastic frames are not very strong unless reinforced. There is however of evidece of any movement above the window opening


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